Saturday, August 22, 2009

mari kita listkan sume..!! ^^

nie sekadar cdgn je la..sbb tengk blog kelas nie cm da sepi gler je.. =)
apa kata kita listkn tarikh2 fly utk dak2 kelas..??
at least cm dpt gak la keep tract ngan dak kelas..
n then cm xde la terlepas klu nk anta ke apa kn.. =)
tp memg perlu kerjasama dr sume org la..
so cmne..?? =)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

time to say goodbye...

And so the first one goes...

Dear cto topek farid (none of these are your real name),

Well, I guess this is it. By the time you read this, you'd probably be in Australia already with a whole new life to begin with. I have to say that living in the same room with you for 2 years has been a roller coaster...of course, I prefer the time when we're up though we need to go down sometimes; otherwise, it won't be thrilling :D

I believe all of our classmates are so proud of you, the whole 2 years in class and you becoming the final class rep in semester 4. And I know you're not that fond of flying this early...neither do I but we just have to go with it. Allah knows best I guess. It's hard and it sucks ("sucks" is not a swear word) but we believe it's going to be fine insyaAllah.

So, I do hope wherever you go, you'll always be okay, be alright and be fine. And I for one am grateful to have you as my roommate and the times that we spent in that nostalgic room of B107 - the choosing of donuts, the dancing and singing, the sprint to send the math portfolio, the time I woke up late for the first time and only attend to class for Malay O_o, the time we went to the wakaf at night whenever we get lots of times, the obstruction to wake each other up :P

And lots more which I don't want to share with the other 21 members of J Club 7...hahahaha

So, take care...always...;)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

specially 4 u guys..!!!! ^^

korang2 sume, sila la g lawat facebook sth yg amal wat utk korg sume..kt bhgn photo ye.. tengk taw..!! (^^,)

sape2 yg xde fb ag tue, nie maybe starting utk korg wat.. hehe.. (meyahut seruan adlan.. =p) klu x nk wat, gne je la sape2 nyer profile dulu..tengk taw..!! =)

~*..amal m..*~

Saturday, May 30, 2009

to all J Club 7 members!

Dengan ini, saya mempersembahkan satu-satunye post on being me yang ada nama korang semua. Tahniah!

- hitohira no hanabira -

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Salam, korang g buat facebook! Seriously, g wat skrg. IB kan dh habis ;)

Facebook lg best, and guess what? Ranking facebook in all the countries yg kita akan pergi dh tukar, ingat x, dulu laen? NOW, facebook is in the TOP 10 in ALL the countries:

UK - 2nd place

Australia - 3rd place (previously, 5th)

Ireland - 5th place (previously, 7th)

New Zealand - 6th place (previously, 7th)

Czech Republic - 8th place (previously, 49th) (Biggest improvement)

Kesimpulannya, Facebook top in all countries in the category of social utility. Just click on the coutry's name to check out the ranks...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Muslim Watashiwa by Snada

Sekaio sukutta kamiwa
Subeteno monomo
Dareka sukuttaka
Daredemo dekiani keredo
Allah sika suku reni towa
Hakki ritto wakatta

Aruhito wanaze soreo
Sinyo dekinai noka
Anatono kangaiwado
Watashiwa hongtoni sinjiru
Qurano mainichi
Yongde kudasai
Muslim.. muslim watashiwa

tuhan yang mencipta dunia
dan juga segala benda
siapakah yang menciptanya?
tak siapa pun mampu melakukannya
kecuali Allah sahaja yang mampu
perkara tersebut(Allah mencipta) diketahui dengan jelas

berkenaan hari tersebut (kiamat)
kenapa susah nak percaya
awak fikir bagaimana?
saya, benar2 percaya
quran, hari-hari
tolong baca
muslim.... saya muslim

(Translation by Akmal Ahmed, my best friend)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

IRP Time!!!!!

since all of us will continue our beloved IRP session in the very next week, i just want to check out all of your guys general knowledge about the IRP.

Name me the only MRSM / MJSC that established the IRP programme for thier students since 2007?
choki2 for the right answer!!